30th Mar to 1st Apr 2018

Finn Johannsen


Finn Johannsen
Stepping up with our 6th announcement and thickening an already rather accomplished international line-up, is one particularly exemplary student of the game. This deejay’s heightened awareness of the vinyl landscape creates an invaluable, diverse and tasteful discourse of thought, groove and dance. Thus we are stokingly chuffed to present Finn Johannsen.

Finn is an artist who has been on our wishlist for some time so to finally be able to have him “inform and mystify” is a thrilling development here at IVHQ. A Berlin resident whose formative years coincided with the formative years of nightclubs themselves, Finn prevails in the attitude of that time, when DJ sets were wide-ranging in terms of both style and structure. Morphing from listener to lecturer effortlessly and with equal aplomb, there are literally very few people on the globe who possess the depth and breadth of musical and vinyl related knowledge of this artist.

For a day-job no one would want to quit, Finn assumes gatekeeper responsibilities at the seminal cultural institution, Hard Wax record store. A collector since the mid-70s, Finn's philosophy when it comes to music echoes the sentiments audibly espoused in his sets: if you are no longer being stimulated by what you are hearing, then "look elsewhere, or look harder”.

Standing alone in the terrain of his knowledge of disparate styles, Finn possesses an unrivalled command of house, dub, disco, hip hop and virtually any other genre in platter form. Whether in his role as deejay, record-store clerk, music journalist or co-owner of Macro Records, one word comes to mind which seems to enunciate Finn Johannsen: distillation. Akin to those perfectly tantalising and succinct record write-ups on the Hard Wax webshop, this man seems uniquely able to sift through vast amounts of input in order to produce something, for you the dancer—be it a three hour UK Bass set or an 8 word summary—which is polished and pure and deliciously devoured.

A unique and highly refreshing figure, it is a happy pleasure to host, for his first tour Down Under, Finn Johannsen.