30th Mar to 1st Apr 2018

Silent Servant


This, our second artist announcement for Inner Varnika 2018, sounds out a one-two punch for all you stack huggers and dance floor expressionists. For your blackened pleasure we are distinctly excited to offer up the one and only, Silent Servant.

As a critical ingredient in the now defunct yet all the more legendary, Sandwell District collective, one might be forgiven for filing him away as a notable and extremely capable Techno act; yet far more is embodied behind the Silent Servant moniker, as has been proven time and again with his undeniably eclectic contemporary project, Jealous God.

Juan Mendez was brought up nourished on the anti-establishment and DIY ethic of the post-punk scene in the City of Angels, geographically and ideologically dissociated from the ascendancy of the Detroit and Berlin soundscapes and tropes. In perfect distillation of his past and present, Silent Servant's output transmutes a delectable cross-section of stylistic influences leaving us with intoxicating transmissions coming down the line from a techno-punk retro-future.

These sounds emit moods and imbue feelings while evoking thoughts; far from the airtight syncopation of a much darker grained dancefloor music, this is techno which allows one to feel. Progressive electronic staccato, disorienting vocals and thumping lows send us around on a despotic treadmill of hypnotic techno. This arguably damaged, yet engaging and dystopian music is not for the faint hearted, yet furnishes a space where all are indiscriminately welcomed.

Thus, we throw our own arms open wide and welcome to Bookaar this Easter, the immovable Silent Servant.