30th Mar to 1st Apr 2018



It’s a very special day in the Inner Varnika calendar when we are finally able to give you all a sniff of what we’ve been cooking up. For this, it is with moonlit excitement that we are able to present RAMZi as our first artist announcement for Inner Varnika 2018.

Unearthing new frontiers of rhythmic and electronic exotica is Canadian musician RAMZi, aka Phoebé Guillemot. Releasing notable audio excursions on Total Stasis, Mood Hut, and 1080p, along with curating her own imprint Pygmy Animals, RAMZi is one of the rare few artists to genuinely push the frontiers and widen the boundaries in both composition and arrangement.

The electronic equivalent of a Shamaness, RAMZi induces altered states of audio consciousness, charting new territory with her combination of warped soundscapes and outer-national eastern inspired rhythms. Afro-cuban, dub and world-beat—all are brushed into an electronic groove of soulful narrative, resulting in an hypnotic and esoteric musicology.

Leaving precious little grounded in the real, let RAMZi be thy guide on the eons long journey to far distant realms—places for which we have no name, no pictures, no literature, no reference—save for these strange and wonderful sounds.

It is our extreme pleasure to welcome RAMZi to Inner Varnika 2018.