30th Mar to 1st Apr 2018

Jane Fitz


Jane Fitz
Our next announcement is one for the unequivocally dancematic and for the rhythmically enlivened. Please show your thumbs for the incomparable Jane Fitz.

A DJ before all else, and a selector of the most varied order, no place is too far out with Jane Fitz at the helm. This native Londoner comes to us via 20 years spent elbow deep in the emerging electronic music scene, with time under her belt as a music journalist and as a Friday to Sunday raver in 1990s Hong Kong. A stalwart presence on the hallowed grounds of the hounds of the Baskervilles, Jane Fitz is a Freerotation resident of many a year and has quietly established a dedicated following in her hometown for her Night Moves parties. These club nights, co-authored with Jade Seatle, have simple and admirable stipulations which help to bring about their legendary atmosphere: no guestlist and ‘anybody is welcome as long as you are nice’. It is with a mixture of intelligence, playfulness and maturity that can’t be established by taking shortcuts that this person has carved her place on dancing and listening today.

A seemingly nicheless chameleon, sets from Jane Fitz might traverse from ambient etheria to glittering electro and hypnotic rhythm trax, vocal crate gems and techno tools. The unifying ingredient for dancefloor nights with Jane Fitz at the wheel is a musical ensemble tailored and befitting to the particulars of place, people and energy. A DJ of the most genuine order, Jane Fitz brings a forthright pragmatism to the business of dancefloor transcendence.

While welcome changes to the gender landscape are in the winds, few men and precious fewer women can claim to hold the perspective and experience of Jane Fitz in modern dance music today and we are charged with excitement to have this unique personage in our midst for Inner Varnika 2018.