30th Mar to 1st Apr 2018




In those rare instances when two mercurial artists and heads of cult labels come together, we can get nothing less than a riveting amalgam, leaving us with a synthesis of electronic experimentalism folded into a dystopian discourse of hazy tripped out groove and percussive excursions akin to audio origami.

Simply put, it’s a damn good day when we can announce the debut Australian performance of a collaboration as subterranean as Dresvn (live) this coming Inner Varnika.

For over a decade and a half Dynamo Dreesen and SVN have been diving deep and digging wide, in literal and metaphorical senses, to summon all the sonic paraphernalia together that forms their unique palette. You may have seen them around, in disguise and peeping out from behind their respectably juicy imprints, Acido Records and SUED. But together!? Together they form the inimitable duo, Dresvn.

Exceptional artists in their own right, there is a definitive synergy when these two come together, reminding us of the sentiment whereby the sum of the individual parts yields an equally alluring although larger and more hypnotic whole.

As can be heard on their contributions to the legendary Sex Tags Mania and Honest Jon's catalogues, an intoxicating dialectic is created upon coalescence. Their live audio vocabulary is wide ranging while still being anchored, yet never limited by the battered equipment they employ. There’s a punk immanence about a Dresvn live performance which we don’t oft hear, yielded by production prowess, kinky loops, an appetite for improvisation with tape and a healthy dose of disdain for nightclubs. You might say it’s music to dance to rather than Dance Music, per say.

As though in transit, Dresvn productions hint at a promising future and thus tempt one to lose their mind in the now. A long time in the making, it is with smug smiles we're able to present this over Easter.