30th Mar to 1st Apr 2018

Different Fountains



Different Fountains
There are lots of ways to talk about music, some of which everyone can understand, many of which only the initiated really get. We've all had that experience where people in the know talk about such and such a record or label, where all we can do is nod and pretend to get the reference. For our next artist announcement we wish to declare a snobbery-free zone, in which the sounds forthcoming shall only be assessed on affect, rather than pedigree.

Different Fountains, aka Bernardo Risquez and Michael Langeder, met at architecture school in Venezuela 10 years ago. Since that time they’ve been on a voyage absurde, seemingly seeking only uncharted climes where nonconformist politics govern inter-genratic populations. Dreamy and hazy (more in the Donny Darko sense than the Brad Pitt sense), in the Different Fountains musictopia a new future is imagined in which nostalgia and feeling, rather than classification, are musical currency.

Fastidious students of social history, Different Fountains pay veneration in sound and performance to last century’s Surrealist anti-heroes. Musical collage, projection, poetry, dance... any and all of these might take place in live assemblages uncharacteristic of the contemporary electronic music scene. With their label Different Fountains Editions, so too are new postcodes established in the territories contested by Psychadelik, Funk, Electro, Bass, Pop, Ambient and Techno camps.

There simply is no way to be a scholar on the music of Different Fountains, where like a river swiftly running, no two performances, releases or sets much resemble one another. The only thing left to do is listen, and listen we shall this coming Inner Varnika.